Our Team

PT GoLNG Indonesia Shipping team members consist of a team of LNG professionals and former seafarers with proven experience in commercial, legal and operation aspect of the marine industry.

Our Sister Companies Management Team, Local and International Partners have been in the LNG shipping business in Indonesia since more than three decades. We proud of ourself in developing and keeping long-term relationships.

Our International Team presence in Indonesia since the first day the country exported is LNG. All of the operation we have been involve in were done without any major incidences, which shows our commitment in embracing an international standard for the benefits of the shareholders and stakeholders.

Vision and Goal

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Our main goal in to become the preferred small-scale and mid-scale LNG distribution partner by offering, operating and maintaining complete range of end to end assets to its customers.

Our Mission is to safely deliver LNG / Gas to our customers by providing and managing a fleet of LNG assets. We aspire to be a leading LNG asset owner in Indonesia and its region by providing multi-modal, comprehensive and cost effective LNG supply chain solutions.

Quality Health Safety and Environment

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GOLNG Indonesia Shipping is committed to provide the best possible working environment which is both safe and without risk to the health of its entire employee, contractors and clients through the effective implementation of Quality Health Safety and Environmental (QHSE) Policy that respects and is in accordance with our sister companies and partners own policies.

Every person who works for GoLNG Indonesia Shipping has to make sure that safety, security, environmental principals are understood and well implemented within their own department. A critical part of the success of our clients, and therefore our business, is the health and safety of everyone who work for and on behalf of GoLNG Indonesia Shipping.

PSU Group and Associated Companies

PSU Group

Pesona Sentra Utama (PSU) Group of Companies was established as an investment vehicle for shipping related activities in Indonesia. It is privately owned and has now become the holding company for various subsidiaries involved in various activities in the shipping market.

PSU and its subsidiaries are holding a number of shipping investments and provides market consultancy for companies looking to establish themselves in Indonesia.

Among the shipping activities are investments in Offshore Support Vessels, Oil-Tankers, LNG and LPG tanker, with some of the subsidiaries supporting these activities with Crew Manning (Equinox Bahari Utama) and Agency Services (Equinox Sentra Bahari).

Equinox Ship Management

Our Team of dedicated shipping professionals ensures that the vessels are being managed and operated in a safe, reliable and efficient manner as per our SMS and Principal’s instructions. We place great emphasis on the relationship and constant communication with our Principals to en sure we give them and their assets the best service possible.

We monitor the vessels performances through regular reporting from the ships by using the latest technologies and frequent on-board inspections. We ensure the Principals get the best value from their assets by ensuring they are maintained, surveyed and audited in compliance with flag state and international legislations.

Our Planned Maintenance System allows for cost effective planning of maintenance and purchasing of spares to avoid unnecessary off-hire and claims. Our worldwide purchasing network is ideally place to maximize leverage of our buying power to obtain significant discounts for our Principals.

Detailed running cost reports are prepared quarterly to ensure that Principals are kept fully informed of the operational condition and financial position of their assets and regular meetings are held with Principals to discuss both the technical and financial aspects of their vessels performances.

Our Customers can be assured that their vessels and cargo are getting the highest attention in our care. Our Ship Management services are ISM accredited by DNV-GL and Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (BKI). We operate all our services Document of Compliance (DOC), SIUPPAL, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, TRACE Certified - Anti Bribery Compliance, and Tanker Management and Self Assessment, and TMSA.

Please visit our Ship Management website at www.ppequinox.com

Equinox Crewing

Our Crewing Management subsidiary is managed by Equinox Bahari Utama (EBU), encompasses a broad range of activities like recruitment, logistics of placement onboard, follow up during leave and specialized training as per international regulations and Principals’ requirements.

A team of dedicated staff located in our Jakarta offices manages EBU Crew Management Services. We manage a large pool of local and international crews with emphasis on Indonesian Seafarers. All activities are managed under DNV-GL’s standard of Crew Manning Office and Private Recruitment and Placement Services (SIUPPAK, DNV RPS MLC 2006, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS, RPS).

EBU’s Cadet program accepts Cadets from the various Maritime Academies across Indonesia. Principals are welcome to participate in this program and if they wish to select their own Cadets directly from the Academies EBU will arrange accordingly.

Please visit our Crewing website at www.ebu.co.id