Mini-LNG Infrastructure

Utilizing the experience of our preferred cryogenic manufacturer, GoLNG provides numerous Integrated LNG Infrastructure Solutions.

These Integrated Systems include:

tickLNG Satellite Stations – these stations will allow for truck receiving, storage and regas of LNG prior to transfer into customers facilities.

tickMini-LNG Terminals – these terminals can be constructed along rivers or shallow coast lines and allow for LNG barge deliveries into storage and eventual regas into customer facilities.

tickMini FSRU – these barges mounted mini Floating Storage and Regas Units can be delivered to a river by the customers site and installed in a matter of days – ideal for isolated mine sites.

tickStorage and Trailer Fill Systems – allow for the storage of LNG and eventual on carriage to customers facilities.

tickLNG Fueling Stations – dedicated fueling stations that allow for either LNG to gas or LNG to CNG dispensing.

"GoLNG has over 100 years of combined management experience in LNG and a close relationship with the major industry stakeholders."